What is ConservaBase?

What Is ConservaBase?

Quick & Easy Conservatory Base Construction - With or Without Walls

We’ve designed ConservaBase to be the easiest, fastest, strongest and best steel conservatory base and modular wall system on the market, and here’s why… ConservaBase steel conservatory bases are the modern way to quickly and easily construct any conservatory base foundations. The system stands on a just a few easily constructed concrete pads or foundation blocks . . . . . . .Find out more about ConservaBase

What is ConservaBase?

Why use ConservaBase?

A ConservaBase steel base can be assembled in just 1 day, it turns a 3-week project in to just 2 days, and that includes the installation of the conservatory itself!

With no special tools needed, ConservaBase is designed for fast and easy DIY conservatory base construction, it eliminates the need for builders, bricklayers, concrete lorries and skips. ConservaBase enables you to quickly and easily build any conservatory base foundations with minimum disruption to your garden . . . . Find out more about ConservaBase

What is ConservaBase?

Indistinguishable From Conventional Conservatory Base Foundations

ConservaBase modular walls, including dwarf walls, three quarter height and full height walls are delivered with real brick slips already factory fitted, either just externally, or both externally and internally. Normally, the internal walls are plastered. Once fully assembled, ConservaBase is totally indistinguishable from traditionally built conservatory bases and walls . . . . Find out more about ConservaBase