ConservaBase Steel Bases For The DIY

by David Bingham on 27 April 2010

ConservaBase Steel Conservatory BasesThe ConservaBase Steel Conservatory Base System is becoming increasingly popular in the UK DIY conservatory market and it’s all down to the many benefits it has to offer.

Anyone with average DIY skills can assemble a ConservaBase in just 1 day, reducing the average overall project time from three weeks to just 2 days!

ConservaBase eliminates the need for outside trades such as builders and bricklayers. There are no skips required, no concrete lorries, no messy building materials on your garden and minimum disruption, meaning that your home will not be turned in to a building site for weeks on end.

It’s cheaper too, you’ll save around £800 on an average size conservatory base.

Many modern buildings are now constructed on steel bases and ConservaBase is the fastest way to build safe and structurally sound foundations for your conservatory, orangery or garden building.

ConservaBase steel bases are insulated for energy efficiency and guaranteed for 15 years for structural integrity and anti-corrosion, with an expected lifespan of at least 25 years.

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